9-day Mexico Roadtrip: From Quéretaro to Puebla

Last February, we were so lucky to visit Latin America. Since we saw the Taco Chronicles, we wanted to visit and eat the amazing country of Mexico. As it was a culinary and cultural trip, we decided to do a 9-day road trip around Mexico city. Here is the itinerary, and if you want to check out our budget read until the end of the article.

Day 1: Querétaro

We arrived at the Mexico City international airport (Benito Juaréz) at 10:00 am and we went immediately to buy sims cards for our phones. They were cheap, just like 6 euros for each card and the internet was around 5GBytes, the shop is near the rent-a-car shops.

After this, we went to pick up our car at Hertz. One tip and the reason why we spent a little bit more of what we calculated for this was due to the insurances (almost the double of the initial price). In Europe, when you rent a car with Hertz as a Golden member, all the insurances are already on the tariff. When we arrived at Hertz, we discovered that the price we got did not have the super cover or other important insurances. Also, they suggested us to also take the insurance for car parts theft and vandalism. If you are wondering if this is necessary, well YES it is. Actually, someone robbed us of one of the side mirrors, and Hertz covered it without hesitation (apparently it is a very normal situation).

Once we got our car, we put our GPS and head the road to Quéretaro. We wanted to visit this city due to the scenery and magical towns. All the landscape on the highway was like a desert, and you can see all the cactus and the mountains. The highway is in very good conditions, actually, we didn’t see a bad highway in all our road trips.

We stop for lunch near San Juan del Río to get some Tacos de Barbacoa at Barbacoa de Santiago. Delicious!!!!! Check out my food journey in Mexico for more details 😁Finally, we arrived at our accommodation in Quéretaro around 3:00 pm. We stayed outside downtown at a hotel called Turotel. We chose this hotel because of the price, the parking, the pool and obviously the good reviews about the breakfast (and they were right!)

At night, we went to have dinner and discover downtown. Querétaro is a charming city, with old buildings and a lot of life. The Michoacanas tolls are famous around this area, and you can find many of them in all the shops. During the night, this city has a lot of nightlife and the buildings are beautifully illuminated.

Day 2: Magic Towns and vineyards

On the second day, we went to discover the magical towns and the vineyards around Querétaro. Our first stop was Tequisquiapan. A little magical town with colorful streets and a nice variety of tourist shops. This is where almost all the wine tours end. So, it is not weird that you can feel a touristy atmosphere. We were glad to visit the town in the morning because was almost only for us.

Our last stop was Cadereyta de Montes, and the main reason for this was that we already knew where we wanted to have lunch 😂. We went to a small familiar restaurant called La Casita. This restaurant was one of my favorites, I really felt all the food was made with love, great portions and the price was insanely cheap, compare to other restaurants on our trip. The town was also very nice, and it was quieter than Tequisquiapan, so the vibe was less touristy.

Our third stop was Freixenet, one of the most popular Vineyards in the region. The main house is stylish and you can find many kinds of wines in there, and some snacks to wash up de wine. It is a nice stop if you need to use the toilet, and to learn a little bit about the wine culture around Quéretaro.

Finally, we ended our wine and magical town tour in Bernal. Perfect for our afternoon snack. We grab some black gorditas and a michelada to spend a nice afternoon in the main square with an amazing view of the huge rock. This town is small but very beautiful. What a day! We finished the tour kinda early, so we had time to buy for dinner some cheese and chocolates to have it with our regional wine.

Day 3: Teotihuacan Pyramides

On the third day, we woke up early. We got an amazing breakfast and started our way to México City. We were going to visit the Teotihuacan Pyramide another day, but we thought that since we were already on our way to the city, we could stop by and check that from the to-do list. The trip was of approximately 3 hours (we stop for gas and some food).

We arrived around 2 pm and we had lunch in the parking spot. When we arrived at the main door, the policeman advised us to do the tour (in a store) first and then climb the pyramids, so we could understand everything better. I am glad we did it in that way because we appreciated the view and the meaning of the pyramides better. Also, it was a good strategy from a weather point of view, because when we were on the top of the pyramids the sun was not over us, so it was easier and less hot.

We ended our visit around 3:30 pm. Just in time to start our way to Mexico City, since we didn’t want to get into rush hour. We arrived at our destination around 5:30 pm. We stayed in this cozy Airbnb in Narvarte Poniente Neighborhood, with a kind Mexican family. This is the link to our accommodation: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/24249793?source_impression_id=p3_1586959873_EOrmlta8MSjMgaZm&guests=1&adults=1 We stayed here for three nights.

Day 4: Mexico D.F. and Guadalupe Church

On our first day in Mexico City, we wanted to visit the Saint Patron of Mexico, La Virgen de Guadalupe. For that, we adventured ourselves into Mexican public transport. We used the MetroBus, which actually is only a bus. It was very busy and I recommend you speak a little bit of Spanish to figure out how the system works, but if you are lucky you will figure it out alone. It took us around 1 hour to get there, and definitely due to the number of people we knew we were in the right place. It was really nice, especially to see how faithful are the Mexicans. The neighborhood is not very nice, but you are only going to see the church and grab the bus back to the Zocálo (Mexico City center).

Once we arrived at the Zocálo, we were starving. What better place to try the famous Tacos al pastor than in Mexico. We got lunch in this taquería called Arandas, the tacos were amazing and so cheap. We had lunch for 6 euros for both of us!

We walked around all the downtown and when we were hungry again we went for some churros at Churrería El Moro (a must-do). Just around 5:00 pm, we grab again the Metro Bus to get back to our Airbnb. At this time, it was rush-hour, so it was crazy. Nevertheless, it was nice to see the city in different scenarios.

Day 5: Chapultepec Castle and park

On our second day in Mexico City, we visited the Castle of Chapultepec (National History Museum) and the park. We arrived there on foot, it was around 40 minutes and the perfect way to experience the nice neighborhood of Roma and La Condesa.

The Museum is beautiful, you get a nice view of the city and you can learn a lot about Mexican history. We loved the garden and the windows. In addition, a small walk through the market is a must-do when you are in the park. Here, you can see that it is not very touristy, actually many mexicans go to the park to spend the afternoon and have a walk during lunch break.

Just a few meters from the park, you can go to another neighborhood called Polanco. This place is fancier than other neighborhoods in the area, and you can feel it, especially because of the hotels and the restaurants.

After a good walk around the Zoo and the park, we went back to our accommodation and we cooked dinner there. We were so tired that was impossible to go to another place to eat.

Day 6: Tepotzlan

It was time to keep moving, so we woke up early, got into the car and oops! We realized somebody stole our side mirror during the night. Luckily, we bought the extra car insurance for this. So please, if you are renting a car in Mexico do not hesitate to grab this insurance at your Rent-a-car agency. Thanks to this, our departure was delayed. We got to Tepotzlan at 3:00 pm, had lunch and then we wanted to climb the mountain to get to the pyramid. Sadly, it was already too late. The last admission is from 4:30 pm. Well, you always have to let something left for the next time, right?

Anyways, we were so lucky to arrive in this magical town on the Carnaval weekend. The streets were closed and full of people drinking and dancing. Definitely, it was an experience to remember. We also had lunch in this lovely restaurant called Los Colorines, where we tried the Enchiladas with Poblano sauce and the Chile Nogal. Both were amazing. In addition, the route from Mexico to Tepotzlan is very scenic, and it is amazing how it changes suddenly into this cold weather and high mountains.

Day 7: Cholula

We stayed in Tepotzlán only one night, so we couldn’t go back to the pyramid on the following day. Nevertheless, we stayed in this charming hotel that was a bakery as well. I can only say this was one of the best breakfast we had on our trip. The bread was fresh and there was plenty of food. We grab some snacks for our road trip and we were not disappointed with our selection.

We departed around 10:00 am on our way to Cholula. If you love scenic routes and volcanos, you have to do this route. We saw the Popocatelpec volcano during our trip, and we were so lucky to see it with the smoke and everything.

Once we got to Cholula, we went for a walked around the Zocálo and grab a coffee in the famous square. Then, we went back to climb the Pyramide where the church is. From here you have an amazing view of the two Volcanos, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. Lastly, we went inside the pyramid. There was the longest 800 meters trail, at this moment I realized I don’t like those kinds of trails…but the price at the end of the trail is worthy because you can see the pyramid from another point of view. So, go ahead!

After all this walking, we got a late lunch in this place called La Casa de Frida. It was a little bit expensive but completely delicious. I think it was one of my favorite restaurants on the trip. We got tortilla soup and a pozole. I completely recommend this place if you go to Cholula, it is almost next to the pyramid.


We did not stay in Cholula for the night, we stayed at Puebla instead. Since it was a long day, we arrived at our accommodation just before the sunset. We were so tired that we decided to have dinner at our Hotel and rest for our adventure the next day. We stayed in Puebla for two nights at the Four Points by Sheraton Puebla, the room was comfy, the pool was temperate and the breakfast was excellent, just what we needed for our last nights in México.

Day 8: Puebla city

Just before going to Puebla downtown, we went to the smallest volcano in the world, the Cuexcomate. It was very closed to our hotel and we were intrigued. It was nice but in 5 minutes you can see it all, so if it is going to take you a lot of time to get there it is better to skip it. In addition, the neighborhood where it is located is not very nice, so think twice.

After going to the volcano, we finally got to Puebla downtown. I was so excited about going here due to culinary fame and valuable history. Definitely, this city has everything I love, good food, beautiful and colorful buildings, near nature, and nice people. Just walking around the city is beautiful, so if you want to experience this place go for a walk and get lost in the stores and restaurants. My favorite places were the Parian market, La Capilla del Rosario, and La Calle de Los Sapos.

To end up our day, we had a late lunch at this place called El Ranchito, where we tried all sorts of Puebla food.

Day 9: Leaving

Finally, our road trip around Mexico city was finished. We drove from Puebla directly to the Mexico international airport, it was around a 2-hour drive. Since we arrived early for our flight, we went to the movies. There is a movie theater very near the Airport called Cinépolis Plaza Aeropuerto, and you can have a cheap lunch in there as well.

In conclusion, we felt in love with Mexico. Especially the food, the people and the scenery. If you have the chance, get a car and do a road trip. I think this is the best decision if you want to discover more.

As a promise you here is our budget for this trip here:

Accommodation: 420 euros

Food: 230 euros

Transport (Car, gas, tolls, and parking): 700 euros

Souvenirs and extras: 324 euros

Total: 1674 euros

Please let me know if you need more info about this trip!

Happy traveling!👩🏽

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