Berlin food guide

Finally, you decided to visit this amazing city, since it is the German capital your perception of its food is basically pretzel, beer, and pork. Well, think again or just check this post!

Berlin is famous due to the harsh history regarding the wall, a physical border that divided basically the world from the ’60s until the end of the ’80s. This caused a lot of pain and wars, but certainly, it made Berlin what it is today. A rich multicultural city with a creative and inclusive vision, always trying to let behind radical ideologies that separated the world before. All this provoked a cultural culinary hub, giving one of the best places for a foodie to discover high-quality dishes from all around the world.

Döner Kebab

Some of the dominant cultures, apart from the German one, is the Turkish one. This one has given a legacy and a staple dish to the city called the Döner Kebab. A tasty pita bread sandwich filled with braised beef or chicken, salad and several sauces. You can find this delicacy everywhere in Berlin, the quality depends on your budget and your patience.

We got ours from Fugger Imbiss, where the price for one is 4.5 euros. In my opinion, it is a healthy dish on a budget (without the fries).


Another Middle East dish, but this time a very sweet one. While I was doing my Berlin foodie research, this place called Pasam Baklava was a recurrent result. They have many flavors to try, and if you ask they can make you an assorted box with 2-3 pieces of each flavor. This was around 10 euros. I recommend eating them the same day because there is nothing more delicious than a fresh Baklava, crunchy on the top and wet on the bottom. We still have some the following day, they were still pretty tasty but definitely were better the day before.

Vietnamese food

Another culture that is present in Berlin due to the different ideologies is the Vietnamese. Since we are Pho lovers, we had to go for one. Our provider was this place called Cao Cao. Overall, it was a good experience but not the best Pho we have tried in Europe, France still has the best European Pho. Maybe we did not go to the right place in Berlin. About this place, the decoration is amazing, it makes you feel you are having dinner in Vietnam. They have Vietnamese beer (Saigon) and many types of dishes, it is kinda pricey for been Vietnamese and a Berlin restaurant.


We couldn’t visit Berlin without trying one type of Berliner, or several… We had ours in this place called Bäckerei & Konditorei W. Balzer. This little shop has a nice atmosphere with an excellent variety of Berliner. The coffee is pretty good as well. We tried the original glazed filled with prune jam, one called “Strawberry cheesecake” filled with strawberry jam and covered with cream cheese glazed, and lastly one glazed with mix berries filling.


This street food has its origins in Berlin, probably another result of the mix of cultures. It is basically a warm sausage cut in bite pieces covered in a special sauce with curry. You can eat it with fries or bread and cost around 2 euros.

Markthalle Neun

After a long walk around the city, we ended up having lunch at this food hall. There were many options to choose from but in the end, the crepes from the nice french guy convinced us. We got the regular with ham and cheese and the vegetarian one.

Berlin traditional cuisine

On the last day, we were finally ready for something more German options. Our choice was to try the Schnitzel, the sausages, and local beers at Dicke Wirtin. This place has a lovely atmosphere and welcoming staff. The food is pretty good and the portions are big. We are glad we came here for this dinner and I would come back in the future.

On the go food

Apart from the food, you can crab in a restaurant, we had some good on the go snacks, such as seasonal prune tarts from a local bakery, a greek salad on the go from Pret A Manger, and a cinnamon cookie scones from Kamps. For our hike, we got a sandwich from Kamps and two types of Ritter chocolate, our favorite was the one with coffee bean pieces inside. The other one with salt, honey, and almonds tasted like a Toblerone, so it was yummy as well.

Breakfast at the hotel

I had to make a special mention to the breakfast we had every day at the Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre. This is the best buffet breakfast I have ever been, so many options and everything was fresh and delicious. This hotel is well located and the complimentary spa was perfect to freshen up after a busy day.

We had an amazing time in Berlin and the food did not disappoint us at all. Definitely, Berlin is a foodie paradise, so another visit from us is mandatory!

Happy eating!

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