Best waffles in Belgium

Everyone knows how famous and delicious are those crunchy and sweet waffles covered in more amazing things!!! Well, I tried to find the best ones in Ghent, Bruges, Brussels, and Antwerp. Always considering the reviews at Tripadvisor and the advice from locals. Here are some of them:


Gingerbread Tea Room

I know what are you thinking, probably with that name they don´t sell the real thing, the name should be in French or Flemish, but let me tell you it was one of the best waffles I have ever tried, and one of my favorites in all Belgium. It was perfectly cooked, full of fresh fruit and it was a big portion (around 9 euros). The place was very chick, and the staff was friendly. The coffee was good, I like it stronger but I tasted it was a good barista. We had one for two of us and it was hard to finish. The decoration of the place was nice, and it was not crowded.

Lizzies Wafels

For this one, we started walking around and we saw a big queue outside. So, we knew this one was a good place. Each waffle was 7 euros, and any extra had to be asked separately. We ordered two waffles with homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

They were huge and the chocolate sauce was out of this world. Even for us was hard to finish and the staff was very kind, especially the small lady. She welcomed us with a big smile, it looked like she knew we were hungry and the queue was big. I highly recommend this place, and go with an empty stomach, so you don’t waste any food.



When I was looking for the best Waffles in Ghent, the obvious one is Max. Apparently, Max was the first restaurant to serve Waffles in all Belgium. The restaurant has one part new and another one old. So, I must try it, especially because I read in a blog some locals saying that they go there once a year because of the size and quality and that the price was worthy…well here there are:

On the left, is with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and Vanilla Ice Cream (around 10 euros) and the one down are the Maison, with whipped cream, fruits and Grand Marnier (around 13 euros).

Well, let me tell you that when we arrived the restaurant was empty, just with a few clients and the Chef was outside talking with some friends. Later I realized the reason for this situation.

The service was awful, the waiter was rude and they do not give tap water, only bottle. That is a huge downside for me.

Now, the waffles! As you can see in the photos, the presentation was amazing, that was the only great thing. Our waffles were undercook in the middle, the chocolate sauce was nothing extraordinary, I could not feel the Grand Marnier and the size was normal.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t go back again, I prefer to spend 15 euros per person in another place, but if you want to go, be my guest, maybe I wasn´t lucky 😊

Zwarte Zee

This one was the recommendation of a local because we were looking for one shop called Mokabon, apparently is a coffee shop where they do not sell waffles. Well, the girl from Mokabon suggested us this place, she said the waffles were tasty.

We got there and the store has a nice view of the river, we order one with strawberries and whipped cream (around 7 euros). The waffle wasn’t fresh since we saw the chef heating it in the toaster. This was a disappointment for us because it was our first waffle at Ghent and we want to try the fresh ones but it was ok.

Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream

The price was a little bit expensive, the flavor was ok and the presentation nice. The place was also nice.


Wafelhuis van Hecke

The best waffles I have tried so far in Belgium. Completely homemade, and if you have any doubts, the owner will take you inside the kitchen and show you the magic. I was so impressed for this place that I went back the next day 😊

The first day I tried strawberries with homemade chocolate sauce. You have to pay an extra for it but it is worthy. The following day, I order the one with cherry sauce and Glenn ordered the bomb you see there.


I learned that there are actually two types of waffles in Belgium, the Liège, and the Brussels style. The first one is my favorite and is the one I have tried the most in Belgium (previous photos). This type has a rectangle shape, big holes lighter in color. The texture is crunchier on the outside and soft in the inside, with a more yeast flavor. The Brussels style is the type you can find on the streets, harder texture, very sweet and loaded with more sweet stuff.

I like both, but I think the Liège style has more science and love! I wanted to try a savory dish with waffles, so I found this place in the middle of Brussels called Peck 47. I had the Drunken Sailor, homemade leeks waffles, poached eggs, gin-cured salmon and psycho sauce. Perfection in one dish, it was designed for success and the staff is amazing as well.

Well, these are all the waffles I have tried in Belgium. I will go back for more, so stay tuned. 😊

Happy eating !