Mexico Food Diaries from different cities

Tacos, enchiladas, chilaquiles, mole poblano… All of those and many more were my reasons to book a trip to México. I love Mexican food, and even if I try to make some homemade dishes, the results are not always the same as a true Mexican recipe with real and fresh ingredients.

If you are wondering why you should plan a foodie trip to Mexico, this is everything we ate on our road trip around Mexico DF. Check the post of the itinerary here.

1.Tacos de Barbacoa (San Juan del Río)

Thanks to The Taco Chronicles show on Netflix, this was our first meal in Mexico. We planned this trip to satiate all our cravings, starting with the tacos from this show. So when we planned the itinerary, we knew that we have to visit one of these restaurants on our way to Quéretaro.

Los Tacos de Barbacoa are typically from the Hidalgo province. They are prepared by a traditional method of cooking in an underground oven until very tender and flavourful. You can find many good restaurants near San Juan del Río. We got ours in a place called Barbacoa De Santiago. This restaurant is just next to the highway and seemed to be very popular among tourists and locals. Everything was fresh, and you can even see the people making the tortillas and cutting the meat in front of you.

You can choose different parts of the sheep, and they explained you difference between the cut and the flavor. Basically the difference is the fat content. We chose Espadilla and Costilla, both have a medium amount of fat. We also asked for the meat broth with chickpeas as a side dish. All these include different types of sauces and toppings.

This meal was amazing and so cheap. It fulfilled all our expectations regarding the dish and the quality of the ingredients. I liked more the flavor of the Costilla, but both were amazing. One suggestion about going to a Mexican restaurant is to start ordering little by little. I know its tempting to order many dishes at once. But I assure you that the quantity and the nature of the whole ingredients will fill you up very quickly.

2.Gorditas (Quéretaro)

Once we arrived at Quéretaro, we knew our next meal had to be Gorditas. It is corn flour dense dough cooked on a hot surface and filled with any type of goodies. We tried ours at this charming restaurant in the city center, called Las Deliciosas Gorditas del Portal.

We wanted to taste the most typical flavors, but since we already ate a lot of meat before (Tacos de Barbacoa), I decided to give it a try to the vegetarian options. That is why I choose guacamole with sour cream and cheese. It was divine and the guacamole was so fresh.

The gorditas seemed small, but since they are made with only whole corn flour, they are full of fiber. I had two and was already si full. Apparently, this is a good option if you don’t want a whole plate, and you can ask them one by one. They are ready very fast, so you don’t have to wait for the next one. Delicious!

3. Mexican Breakfast options (Quéretaro)

I think breakfast was the extra motivation to wake up early on our trip. What not to love! Fresh fruit, flavorful full, and a huge variety to try. Our accommodation at Quéretaro had the most amazing included breakfast. We could choose between many types of dishes and there was a buffet with cold dishes and fruit. The coffee was really good as well. This was our selection the two days we ate at the hotel.

4. Breakfast for lunch (Cadereyta de Montes)

During our trip around the vineyards and the magical towns, we stopped at this cozy and delicious place called La Casita in the magical town of Cadereyta de Montes.

Since the Enchiladas dish is originally from this zone, we wanted to try them in a local restaurant. At that moment we didn’t know that it was a breakfast dish, so we ordered for lunch. To our surprise, we ordered for the breakfast combo that included toasts with jam, hot sauce, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and the chicken enchiladas. That was plenty of homemade food and sooo delicious. Also, this was the first time that we tried Café de Olla. This coffee is basically cooked with spices, sugar, and water. It was nice, but definitely I prefer the regular one.

5. Gorditas Negras and Michelada

Another typical dish from the Querétaro province is gorditas, and in the magical town of Bernal, the gorditas are black. We got our at El Negrito Gorditas with one liter of Michelada (drink with lime juice, beer, and hot sauce). We had this meal at the main square in Bernal, with an amazing view of the rock.

6. Querétaro local delicacies

One night our dinner was just wine that we got from our tour around the magical towns and some local cheeses, deli meats, and chocolates. We bought the Pedos de Monja (Nun farts) only because of the name, but to our surprise, they were incredibly tasty. This dinner was superb with good wine very tasty snacks.

7. First dinner in Mexico City (Sopa de tortilla, Huaraches, and Flautas)

On our first night in Mexico City, we went to this place called Flautas Vértiz. It was just around the corner of our accommodation, so it was really convenient. Our host recommended us to visit this place and try the flautas, but we couldn’t resist the temptations of ordering more. Like some Huaraches of pork and some tortilla soup. This last one was so rich and they put a lot of tortilla chips (just the way it should be always!) We asked for cheese flautas with two types of sauces, they were crunchy and full of flavor. This place was cheap and delicious.

8. Tacos al Pastor (El Zócalo)

On the second day in Mexico City, we spend the whole day walking around the Zócalo (the city center). AT lunch, we went to this place called Taqueria Arandas, where the specialty is Los Tacos al Pastor. We ate in here for around 6 euros per two people, this included 6 tacos with toppings. The meat was so rich in flavor and the texture was almost crunchy. The pineapple, the onions and the cilantro on top made a great flavor balance.

9. Churros with hot chocolate (El Zócalo)

Since our lunch wasn’t too heavy, we decided to have coffee (or hot chocolate) at this famous place in the city center called El Moro. We ordered 12 churros and a typical Mexican hot chocolate. In addition, we chose two dipping sauces for the churros, one of Cajeta (caramel sauce) and Chocolate (my favorite was the chocolate one). The churros were crunchy and fresh and the hot chocolate was like a big hug from a mexican grandma.

10. Tortas (Polanco)

On the day we went to Chapultepec castle and park, we stopped at this place called Taquería Selene. Our main intention was to have Tacos al pastor again, but the tortas were the most delicious dish we tried in this small and quiet expensive taqueria. Probably there were bigger and better options in other places, but al least this one was good.

11. Sweet mango with hot sauce

At the Chapultepec park, we saw many people eating this snack. We didn’t think it too much, and the bought one from the first seller that we saw. The mango was so sweet and the balance with the hot sauce and the tajin (chili powder) was perfect for the hot day. This was the perfect dessert after our Torta. Since that moment I am always combing sweet mango (or another type of sweet fruit) with chili powder. Thanks to Mexico for changing my life !!

Mango con chile

12. Lunch at Tepotzlán

We were ready to start trying the cuisine from the southeast part of Mexico D.F. This means we were craving for some Mole and famous Chile Nogada. Since we were going to visit the magical town of Tepotzlán for the pyramid, we decided to choose a restaurant with these dishes. Luckily, we found Los Colorines just in the city center. This restaurant is beautiful, you feel like you are in the Coco movie with all the colorful decoration and the music. Their food is divine as well, even we didn’t get the usual decoration for the Chile Nogada, it was still very tasty.

13. Breakfast at Tepotzlán

On the following day, we had breakfast at our accommodation. We chose this nice cozy hotel because it was a bakery as well, so we thought that breakfast must be good, and indeed it was. It included fruit, fresh bread with jam and herb butter, a main dish to choose, juice, coffee, and a slice of extra sweet bread for taking away. We got the mushroom omelet and the chilaquiles in red sauce as the main dish. It was the perfect breakfast for our road trip day to Cholula.

14.Lunch at Cholula

We had a late lunch at Cholula, in this place called La Casa de Frida. This lovely and busy restaurant was just next to the pyramid, and it offers a great variety of local dishes. We got the Mixed Pozole with chicken and pork, this one is a kind of soup of corn with some extra salad to put on top. We also got natural fresh juices and they give you complimentary homemade bread with different sauces. This is place was one of the best and most beautiful table services restaurants on our trip.

15.Lunch at Puebla

On our last day in Puebla, we couldn’t leave this amazing city without trying the local specialties, such as Enchiladas Franciscanas (Chicken enchiladas with 3 types of sauces: mole, red and green pipían) and Chalupas Barrocas with 6 types of sauces. The mole was so flavorful and the pipían sauces were a nice surprise, with a pleasant nutty and aromatic taste. We ate at this restaurant just outside of Puebla downtown called El Ranchito.

That was it, I hope you take note for your next Mexican food adventure. Probably I missed many dishes, but you always have to leave something for the next time, because definitely Mexico will have a second visit from this foodie hiker.

Happy Eating! 👩🏽