Food, Sweets and Coffee places in Dublin

Food, sugar and Coffee Bucket list Dublin

Probably, when you think about Irish food you don’t think about the sweet stuff and coffee. Well, I used to think like that and 6 months living there showed me how wrong I was. Dublin is the perfect place when you want to satisfy your sweet cravings and a nice cup of good barista coffee. All the places I mention are in Dublin 1, 2, 7 or 8, because that were I used to live, and since Dublin is 100% walk-able I didn’t move to much hehe.

There are coffee shops everywhere in Dublin, and compare to other countries, they want you to stay more time in their shops. That means the coffee shops are student and workers friendly. A fact is that Irish like light coffee, I prefer it a little bit stronger but is still it is enough caffeine to keep you moving. Here are the best coffee shops and dessert places I found in Dublin:

Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge: Perfect place for working or meeting a friend. The place is big and is full of sofas. The big coffee is really big, and the desserts are really good, especially the peanut bar.

  • Peanut Slice
  • Huge cappuccino

Keoghs Café: The coffee is really good but is a popular place so it is hard to find a place, and it is no too big. The quality is very nice and the place is very alive.

Beanhive Coffee: The coffee is nice and they do designs on your cappuccino. The place is small so be prepared to do a queue. The Irish breakfast was amazing and huge!

  • Cappuccino
  • Vegetarian Irish Breakfast
  • Classic Irish Breakfast

Café 147: The coffee is really nice, and if you are hungry the sandwiches are outstanding, try the chicken club….trust me!

  • The 147 Club
  • The 147 Reuben

Queen of tarts: This one is a must in Dublin, I went there almost 2 times per month. The coffee is good, they have hot chocolate with Baileys and the cakes….. well let me tell you my two favorites… Victoria Sponge and The Pecan Fudge Tart 😊. The food is really yummy too, especially the soups. It gets very busy so go with time. There are two, very close to each other, I prefer the small one, it is cozier.

  • White Choco cheesecake
  • Bailey´s hot chocolate
  • Soup of the day
  • Chocolate pecan pie
  • Victoria Sponge

Lovinspoon: The coffee is cheap and strong, good quality and breakfast are cheap too.

  • Irish Breakfast with a pancake
  • Omelette

Brother Hubbard: I must mention it, even is very popular and there is even two of them in Dublin the food is delish also the coffee and the pastries. Go with time to wait for a table.

  • Avo on toasts with poached eggs
  • Cinnamon strolls and capuccino

Oolong Flower Power: This one was my second option if Accents was full, is not very popular but the coffee is ok, the cups are big and is quiet. Matcha tea is a must try.

La Pausa Café: This one is a small and cozy café. The quality is high and the barista was for me the best in Dublin. Nice place to spend an afternoon.

Library Bar: If you want to try the famous Irish Coffee and Baileys Coffee this could be your place. As those drinks have alcohol (a reasonable amount) the price is around 7 euros each. The place is situated at a Hotel, so it is fancy and comfy. I felt like drinking coffee in someone’s Livingroom with a nice view of the street. It is a nice place to go alone or with friends.

  • Bailey’s coffee

Stage Door Café: I found this one looking in google for the best Irish coffee in town if you go prepare for a real shot of alcohol. The place is nice and small, the staff is friendly and they give you recommendations. The coffee was nice, it is not my style because apparently, you cannot stir it, so that makes it very strong. The food looked amazing and it was full of locals, so if you go and try it tell me 😊

Irish coffee

Now, some mentions for the sugar addicts!

Camerino: Amazing pastries, my favorite was the Peanut Butter Brownie and some mini donuts.

Augier Danger Donuts: Crazy combinations of Donuts. I tried the special edition donut paired with a Guinness (one of the most amazing things I have tried). Also, the Red Velvet and the Black Forest one is very delicious. I want to try the peanut butter and Jam but was sold out, if someone tries it please let me know.

Coco Bó: Nice Hot Chocolate and Milkshakes.

Butlers Chocolate Café: Just 4 words Dark Chocolate Mocha.

Well is a nice Bucketlist to start! Please let me know what do you think or if I missed one, because I would like to go back and try it.

Happy eating!