Hiking CZ – Karlštejn to Srbsko via Solvayovy Lomy

Distance: 21 km

Getting there: Both cities have train stations

Difficulty: Middle

Scenery: Trail with castle views, forests, limestone mines, mountains, and suburbs.

On our Prague Holiday, we decided to take a day to escape the craziness of the city and deep into the magical Czech forest. One option for this was Bohemian Paradise, but since it is far (around 2 hours by train) and we only had one day for this, we chose another closer hike.

After some research, we found this hike from this blog https://www.timetravelturtle.com/hiking-near-prague-karlstejn-castle-czech-republic/

We started our hike from Karlštejn train station, an hour train (route S7) journey from Hlavní nádraží station, in Prague city center. After walking with all the tourists going to the castle through the small picturesque town, we turned right just in the main entrance of the castle to start the trail on the forest.

A few meters later, we reached the entrance of the national park. This national park is hiker friendly, giving you many benches and tables to rest along the trail. Also, all the signs and maps are very clear, so it easy to follow. On the way, there are many types of scenarios, from old houses to crops and deep forests.

After discovering one of the many caves present in the trail, we found a nice roof with benches where we had our local produce sandwich (Moravian ham, Parenica cheese, and bakery bread). Later, we went to the limestone mines (Solvayovy Lomy), where there were numerous types of old machinery and a café.

The trail after the mines had amazing views of the mountains, especially from Vyhlídka Mramor scenic spot. From there you can see the little town of Svatý Jan pod Skalou, where there are a huge monastery and the tomb of St. John under the rock. You can go to the cave where he lived for several years, it is kinda creepy but interesting at the same time.

Finally, our last trail to reach Srbsko was mainly on the road until the last 2 km that we turned right and enter some forests. This little town is full of new houses, it is more like a suburban town. From here we reached the train station and took the train back to Prague.

Czech forests are just magical and I like the fact that there are hills and a lot of interesting archeological rocks. I think we only saw a little bit of what the Czech Republic could offer to the hikers. I would love to come back and discover more from this tiny but diverse country.

Trail map

Happy hiking!