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The Czech Republic is famous for many things, like the beer, the forests, the beautiful Prague and so much more. But something that is a little underestimated is the food, and it shouldn’t be! Keep reading to find out the best food we got in an hour trip to Prague and Karlovy Vary.

On our first day in Prague, we want to have a good breakfast somewhere. After reading a lot of reviews, we chose Café Savoy. This place is expensive but completely worthy. The dishes were delicious, the decoration was splendid, and everything was fresh. We had a Czech breakfast that includes coffee, orange juice, and omelet, typical cake, bread, and some regional deli meats. The french breakfast was superb, it includes a croissant filled with scrambled eggs, sausages, salad, and a baked french toast out of this world. I recommend this place without hesitation.

Dumplings (Houskový knedlík)

When you check which food to try in Prague, most of the people will tell you that you have to try the dumplings. In the beginning, the first perception that I have about dumplings was only the Asian ones. But then I realized that the Czech ones should be one category apart. They are not filled, instead, they are like potatoes dumplings with pieces of bacon inside, served with a flavorful goulash. They are delicious and very filling. We got ours in this delightful restaurant called U kroka. It was so good we went there twice on our trip.

Bohemian Roast Duck (Pecena Kachna)

I think there are two cultures that know how to make a good duck, the Chinese and the Czechs. This roast duck is so crunchy and sublime. It comes with dumplings, sweet red cabbage with apples and potatoes, and a deep flavor sauce. We got our as well at U kroka, I think it was one of the best meals on our trip.

Farmers and food markets

If you want to immerse in the food that Czechs are actually eating, try to visit one of the Farmer’s market we went to this one: Farmářské tržiště Náplavka. There you can try fresh and exciting produce. We got freshly cold-pressed apple juice from local produce that was so refreshing. Furthermore, we got one of these savory Strudl, with spinach and seed. The crust was so flaky and the filling was so fresh and warm.

Fresh spinach Strudl at the Saturday farmer’s market

Another market we visited was the Dyzajn Market. This market is famous for all the handicrafts, including some exciting food. We got a Chili con Carne hot dog (with local sausages) and a breathtaking burger. I know these foods don’t sound like traditional food, but I assure you that indeed they are some options that locals are eating.

Chili con carne hotdog and burger on a black bun

Selsky Oblozeny Talir_ Farm Plate

If there is something that I am very sure about Czech culture is their love for meat. This plate summarizes all the types of meat presentation they consume. Like baked sausage, roasted pork, smoked meat paired with red/white cabbage, bread, and potato dumplings.

Selsky Oblozeny Talir


Medovník – Honey Cake

If you go to Prague this is the dessert to go first, nothing weird about it. Just dreamy honey sponge cake layer filled with a sticky and sweet frosting, top with a nice layer of crunch. Paired perfectly with whipped cream and maybe a dark beer. It is a dream.

Honey Cake – Medovník

Mísa Řezy- Chocolate cheese dessert

This dessert combines a sponge chocolate cake with a layer of cheesecake (it tastes a little with more sour, like yogurt) and a top layer of dark chocolate ganache. We had ours at U Kroka restaurant. Definitely, this dessert is an unmissable indulgence from Czech Republic.


Karlsbader Oblate- Karlovy Vary Waffers

If you visit Karlovy Vary, you must grab this delicate and tasty wafers. They had them in several points across the magical town. It consists of a light cookie filled with a flavored cream. We indulged ourselves with a lemon one. So refreshing and delicious.

Karlsbader Oblate

Pernik na figurky-Gingerbread cookies

These are very common in all Europe, but the Czech ones are a little more different. The texture is like cake and the ginger flavor is not very strong. Nice with a cup of hot chocolate.

Pernik na figurky-Gingerbread cookies


This drink doesn’t need presentation. Life is simple, if you go to the Czech Republic you must grab a beer, or two. Since we appreciate innovations and handcraft produce, we went to small breweries to experience something a little bit more local. We went to this place just in the middle of the city called Roesel. They have a good selection of beers and the place was kinda hidden from the busy streets.

Supermarket Goodies

This is one is a small mention of all the goodies we god in the supermarket for our meals at the hotel or for our hiking trips. We loved, in particular, the herbal soda drink Kofola, the Mila wafer, and Parenica cheese (this last one is Slovak).

Well, this was all our food in Czech Republic. I hope you take some ideas for your next trip.

Happy eating!

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