From Delft to Leiden, via Vlietland

Distance: 28 km until our place in Leiden

Getting there: Both towns have train NS stations

Difficulty: Low

Scenery: Forests, beautiful residential areas, walk along the canals, Vlietland recreational park and cities

After a hard week, we decided to make a shorter hike than the one from last week (Noordwijk to Haarlem, Link: ).

Since we lived in Leiden and Delft is not far, we took one of the several trains that go there and start our hike in the picturesque Dutch ceramic town.

Oude Kerk view fromZuidwal Street

Probably you already heard about the Delft, due to the famous ceramic industry or the well-known university. But certainly, the architecture and atmosphere of the city make it is a very touristy place, with good reason or many of them.

One of my favorite places here is Market Place, in front of the Nieuwe Kerk. There are many cool cafés, and there is a Royal Delft shop where you can see artists painting the ceramic before putting them in the oven (to get the change of color from black to blue). Also, this place has on Sundays an antique market, and sometimes some festivals are held here as well.

If you visit Delft in summer, make sure you go to the Jazz festival that takes all the town. You can listening to different types of jazz at different stages in all Delft.

Well, we got a blueberry muffin from Bagel & Beans in the Markt Platz, great and tasty energy snack before starting the trail. From here, we arrived into the city skirts and then into a lovely park.

After this park, we start to walk inside many residential and beautiful areas, where you can appreciate big houses with lovely gardens, some of them along the canals. We had to cross some highways as well, where we looked out some delighful windmills from far.

We started looking nature again once we finished the residential are and reached Leidschendam. From here, it is an enjoyable walk through Leidschendammerhout, a big park that includes a golf course and big green areas. We had lunch at this place, surrounded by trees and watching some locals having good bike trips.

Then, we finally arrived at the famous Vlietland, here there is a recreational area where you can swim, camp, kayaking and much more. Since it was a sunny and warm day, it was crowded. After here, Leiden borders are only 3 km away, so it was the last stage of the journey. We felt at home when we arrived at one of the most bewitching parks in Leiden area, Polderpark Cronesteyn.

Finally, we arrived at Leiden city center borders through some marvelous suburbs. Some of them were new for me, so I think was worthy to walk around Leiden center-periphery. We felt at home once we arrived at Zijlpoortbrug. From here, we walked 3 km more to reach our place.

In conclusion, that was our Sunday hike. We really enjoyed it, especially due to the nice weather, not too hot and very sunny. Try it! you won’t regret it.

Happy hiking!

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