From Dordrecht to Rotterdam via Kinderdijk

Distance: Around 30 by following the hiking trails (and 3 ferries)

Get there: Both cities have NS train stations

Difficulty: Low difficulty

Scenery: Windmills and industrial area

What is more Dutch than the windmills? If you visit the Netherlands and you didn’t see at least one, you didn’t experience the Netherlands at all. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the world heritage site of Kinderdijk, it has the highest amount of windmills in the Netherlands. There are many ways you can enjoy this site, like several tours from the major Dutch cities and public transport as well.

Since one of our new year’s resolution was to discover the Netherlands by foot, we decided to take one day and get there by walking from Dordrecht. In our last hike, this city was the last stop, but we were so tired that we couldn’t appreciate at all. Therefore, our plan this time was to get to know it a little bit better, discover Kinderdijk on the way and have a burger in Rotterdam.

I am very happy that we did it this way. Dordrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and for me one of the most beautiful. You can appreciate this just by looking at the tiny streets and the architecture in general.

Mostly all the trail is industrial are, just the part of Kinderdijk has a nicer landscape. The perfect place is just before getting to the touristy area, where you can enjoy all the windmills from together surrounded by the typical Dutch scenery. From here we saw all the locals enjoying the views.

After Kinderdijk, there is still some nature until we got the port. This port has a replica of Noah’s ark, from here we took the ferry to Rotterdam. In Rotterdam, we rested in a lovely park called Het Park. As a prize for our effort, we got an indulgent burger in Hamburg, Rotterdam. If you are wondering, Rotterdam has the best food in the Netherlands.

That was everything. Please comment below any question you might have.

Happy hiking!

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