From Gouda to Dordrecht, via Schoonhoven

Distance: 24 km until Schoonhoven, and 27km until Dordrecht (2 ferries)

Getting there: Public transport, both cities have train NS stations

Difficulty: Low

Scenery: Parks, cheese farms, windmills, open areas, rustic trails

As part of our training, decided to do at least one time per month, consecutive days of hiking. This hike was the first of this kind.

The starting point is the lovely town of Gouda, where every Thursday in Summer takes place the cheese market. For this occasion, we just walked around the town and then took the trail. Just outside of this town there is already a lot of nature, plenty of cheese farms (Boerenkaas) and lots of sheep and cows.

We spend the night in Schoonhoven , which is a cute little town next to a big river. I highly recommend the bed & breakfast called Villa Voorncamp, the bed was comfy and the owner was super nice. The breakfast was outstanding, plenty of options and big quantities. They recommended us a nice to have dinner, called de Waag in the city center. The food was exquisite, the only thing is the size of the restaurant, as it is an old building, there are only a few tables inside.

The next morning, we left our accommodation around 9 am to keep with our mission of getting to Dordrecht. The landscape in this second half did not disappoint as well. There was a more industrial part but still, we appreciated the beautiful windmills and the rural areas.

Finally, we arrived at Dordrecht. Amazing city, very old and the little streets are too cute to be real.

That was our first 2 consecutive days hike in the Netherlands. Stay tune to see more.

Happy Hiking!

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