Hiking around Berlin: Seddin to Potsdam

Distance: 20km

Getting there: Trains service to Seddin and Potsdam from Berlin

Difficulty: Low

Scenery: Forest, come easy hills and Einstein summer house

Even Berlin is big enough to spend many days exploring it, we wanted to discover it from another point of view. As good hikers, we did some research about possible hiking routes around Berlin, and we decided to do this one due to the easy transportations and the scenic wonders.

This trail is part of the 66 lakes routes that surrounds Berlin. The total distance of the route is 417km, but since we only had one day to do it, we only walked 20km.

The first part of the trail was full of the tallest pines I have ever seen and beautiful lakes.

After getting out of the forest, we entered a nice little town called Caputh. Famous due to the presence of Albert Einstein Summer House and lovely street art.

We were ready to have lunch after Caputh, so after checking the ruins of Marienquelle, we ate our tasty sandwich from Kamps (a german bakery chain) and some local chocolates.

Finally, we started the last part of our hike by entering Postdam -Süd. This is a big park, where it is easy to get lost as we did. We climbed to a hill, near Mirenhaus, where there was a relaxing view from the far mountains. Additionally, very closed from this point there is Feuerwachturm Kleiner Ravensberg, an impressive white tower.

Potsdam station was just 4 km away from this tower and it is a big town with new architecture and industrial atmosphere. We took the first train back to Berlin once we got to the town, so we did not see much more about this place.

It was a really nice walk, and I loved that we met Berlin from another point of view. We hope to return one day and hike another track from the 66 lakes trail.

Happy hiking!

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