Hiking from Noordwijk to Haarlem

Distance: 30km

Getting there: Public transport. Noordwijk by bus and Haarlem by train

Difficulty: Low

Scenery: Dunes, deers, beach, farms, residential area and city

I think this route has everything you want to see on the coastal side of the Netherlands, beach, forest, and animals (deers on the wild!).

We had a lovely day to do this hike, with warm temperatures (around 28C) and full sunshine. It was nice, although since we were already used to dutch cold and cloudy days, it was a real challenge to finish the hike. Nevertheless, we did it!! and actually was our longest distance in a day record, so since we are training, expect days like this from now on.

We took the bus 21 from Leiden Central station to Noordwijk. We went out in Parallel Boulevard and started waking from there. Noordwijk is a lovely beach town, full of restaurant and nice houses. We stopped by in a flea market around it and keep walking until we reached the dunes.

After entering in the dunes, we walked a few km until we reached the beach.

After lunch, we started walking in a Langeveld park, where we saw many deers just hanging out. They are so calm, probably they are already used to humans walking around there.

After here, we arrived at Vogelkijkhut Waterleidingduinen, another big park, where are all the Amsterdam treated water. This was our last stop for a snack and water refuel before getting to the Haarlem Suburbs.

Finally, we arrived at Haarlem around 5:00 pm. The walk to the train station was eternal but possible at the end. Haarlem is a beautiful city, with big houses and a more calm atmosphere than Amsterdam. We visited it once for the tulips parade, but this time we appreciated more the houses and the normal life on a warm day.

We were really proud of this walk because this was our first 30km walk and the first time that we cross a province border, from South Holland to North Holland. Please check the photo below to see the trail, or if you need more info, just comment below.

Noordwijk to Haarlem trail through the Dunes

Happy hiking!

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