Pizzas in Napoli and Caserta

I lived for 6 months in Napoli, and that experience basically ruined pizza forever. It has been really hard for me to find a good pizza outside Campania, but well I have to survive somehow.

This is the list of my favorites places to have pizza in Napoli and Caserta:


Pizza Da Attilio: Just in the next to the Quartieri Spagnoli, there is this pizza place with creative forms of pizza. It is not so popular, so you can find a place easily, different from other places, such as Da Michele and Gino Sorbillo. I recommend Pizza Carnavale, star shape pizza with sausage bell pepper and every corner filled with ricotta. I also tried the Diavola and the Pizza Fiore (vegetarian and tasty option)

Price: $$ (every pizza is around 8 euros)

50 Kalò: This place is a little bit fancier, it is the kind of place where you go for a date and have an amazing pizza. Also, it is where all the Neapolitan families go. Any pizza is good here, but my favorite is the Margherita con Bufala.

Price: Medium $$ (Any kind around 9 euros, the expensive part are the beverages and the coperto)

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele: An obvious one, famous because the simplicity and the movie Eat, Pray and Love. They even have a photo in a wall of Julia Roberts eating there. Well, it is famous for a reason, or many of them. For me, this is my favorite Margherita in town, simple but well done. The tomato sauce is fresh, the size is big and the crust is crunchy. The menu consists of only 3 types of pizzas, marinara (only tomato without cheese) Margherita and Margherita with double cheese. Do not fall for this one, we measured it and actually, it has basically the same amount of cheese than the normal Margherita, so is easier for them just to have two types of pizza, that is why the service is so fast. Another advice: Go in the afternoon, around 3 pm take a number and go for a beer and then return. If you go at night it is almost impossible to grab a number before they close. Also, only locals know that actually you can skip the line and have it take away, anyways the place is so crowded that actually you won´t miss eating inside.

Price: Cheap $ (Around 4 euros, or 4.5 with the “extra cheese”

Margherita with double cheese

Gino Sorbillo: Another famous for a good reason! The magic about this place is the ingredients and the combinations. There are two locals in Napoli, the one at via dei Tribunali (the famous one, it is very charming) and the one via Partenope (the touristy one for the cruises, the atmosphere is more like a fast food restaurant). The first one maintains the same prices (around 9 euros per pizza), the second one has higher prices but is less crowded. Both keep the same recipes, so the experience is good as well. The best one for me is the Margherita DOP or the one with pesto and cherry tomatoes.

Price: $$ (Around 10 euros)

Pizzeria ‘Ntretella: This one is good as well and it has a romantic decoration. My favorite was the one with the fresh tomatoes (Margherita al pomodorino fresco e buffala). Only one advice, Napolitans know that the Quartieri Spagnoli could be dangerous at night. This pizza place is just in the entrance of that neighborhood if you go try to visit during the day.

Price: $$ (Around 6 euros each pizza)

Margherita al pomodorino fresco e buffala


If you have in your plans to go to Caserta (and you should, the palace is breathtaking!) there are very good pizza places around here. Actually, Neapolitans know that the best buffalo cheese (real Mozzarella) is from this region. We were so lucky to arrive exactly the weekend of the Pizza Expo (Around the end of July). Therefore, we ate pizza until we were sick of it. These are some of the examples you can find there.

But, if you are not that lucky you can always go to :

I Masanielli di Francesco Martucci: A very famous place. The decoration reminded me of a family friendly restaurant, mostly visited by locals. We tried two kinds, the Margherita (we like to compare a basic one) and a signature one of the restaurants (Misticanza).

Price: $$ (around 9 euros the expensive one)


Well, these were my favorites pizzas in Napoli, your welcome 🙂

Happy eating!

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