Tiramisu tour around Rome

I love to watch worth it on YouTube, and that is why we decided to do the same in Rome but with Tiramisu. We selected 3 different tiramisus at 3 difference prices around Rome and this is our results:

Two Sizes: Don’t let the name fool you. Actually this is a small place, there is only one table, in the middle of the city center. It is easy to find due the amount of people in front. The Italian lady is there making all kinds of Tiramisu flavors in small cups. We got the classic one and the pistachio one. Please, if you can only choose one go for the classic one, is to die for! It was definitely made with mascarpone cheese, so creamy and the coffee taste was strong but well paired with the cocoa.

Price: $ ( small 2,5 euros, big 3,5 and mini 1,5)

Pistachio tiramisu

Pompi: Doing a quick research on the internet, I found this place as one of the best tiramisus in Rome. So, after visiting Vatican city, we went to the nearest one in Vía Cola di Rienzo. The tiramisu was already packed, and for our surprise, the place wasn’t full. Pompi also serves other kinds of pastries, but definitely, the Tiramisu is the best seller. Regarding the tiramisu, the cream was white and light, certainly, it has some whipped cream.

The shape was a rectangle, making the layers a little bit thinner, so you can try all the layers in a scoop. It was a good tiramisu but not the best in my opinion. I think it tastes more like the one you can find in a supermarket, and definitely by the presentation, it was not the fresher one in town.

Price: $$ (4 euros)

Classic Tiramsu

Ristorante RomAntica: This was our last stop in Rome. We had dinner here with a 50% discount with The Fork (thanks to this app with going to fancy restaurants :)) We got some pasta, but we definitely were curious about a fancier Tiramisu. The place, in general, is romantic, as the name suggested, the Romanian decoration transported us to another place. The prices were OK for a restaurant in Rome, and the service was perfect, I like when the staff already applies the discount without any comments.

We had the Tiramisu for sharing and it came in decorated glass. The flavors and colors suggested that was an old recipe, with the right ingredients and the way normally the Italian families eat it at home.

Price: $$$ (6 euros, plus coperto)

Classic Tiramsu

Final Verdict: My favorite was the Two Sizes one, it was good quality, price, and presentation. My second favorite was the one from RomAntica, homemade recipe and the ambiance made everything even more special.

This article is base on my opinion. Please let me know yours, or give me other places where I can try more in Rome.

Happy eating!

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