Who’s the Foodie Hiker?

Who´s the foodie hiker?

My Mission

Share my love for nature and curiosity for other cultures

Life is to short to eat every day the same and staying at home all the time. My mission is to motivate others to enjoy what the world has to offer

My journey

Hi! I’m Carmen Monge, the foodie hiker, and my intention is to talk a little bit about myself and why I decided to make this blog. I have a bachelor in Chemistry from Costa Rica, and a European Joint master’s degree in Food Innovation and Product Design focused on the Design of healthy products.
But my studies are not that important for my goal with this page. Actually, what I want to share is a little bit of my experience surviving and learning from this life.
I born in Costa Rica, and since I was a kid my parents thought me to appreciate two essential aspects of life, nature, and food. As you can imagine nature is all around in Costa Rica, but not everyone in the country has the possibility and the intention to discover it. My parents had the tradition of taking me and my sister to a different national park every weekend. In that way, I got to know almost all of them at the moment I was 18 years old. We used to walk in the national parks, have picnics and just enjoy our moments together as a family in nature.
My love for food started almost in the same way, by the teaching of my grandmothers and my parents. I used to read all the cookbooks my mom had in her library and I learned English just by listening to the Food Network. As we were a numerous family and my parents worked all day long, the majority of times I have to figure out what to eat after school. This gave me the opportunity of experimenting in the kitchen since I was very young. Also, I looked for new challenges to solve, like innovation with sugar-free recipes for my diabetic grandmother or trying to replicate recipes from famous American chefs with the ingredients that we have in Costa Rica at that moment.
These aspects became my two passions, and I have the opportunity to keep practicing them later in different countries and getting to know different cultures. At the moment, I have lived in 6 different countries in the last 5 years and visited more than 20 others. In every country I visit, I try to learn about the culture by the food and the landscape by walking everywhere.
Planning trips is another passion I developed in the last years. This helped me to discover many places and to enjoy the most with a tight budget and time. I think this experience could help others to achieve their travel goals.

My Core Values

I love nature, life, and food. I want to share my beliefs:

  • Enjoy the moment with yourself and the people around you
  • Nature is not an endless resource, it is important to appreciate and take care of it.
  • Food is not only a pleasure to eat but is also our fuel to keep living. Appreciate the local food and try not to waste it.